Real-World Applicability

Birdlingo simulates the complexities of real-life birdwatching. In the final levels, you’ll face the challenge of identifying multiple bird songs simultaneously across different habitats, mirroring real-world scenarios.

Progressive Learning Curve

The game starts with helpful assistance that gradually scales back. This scaffolding approach ensures a smooth, progressive increase in difficulty, allowing you to build confidence as you advance.

Mastery Through Repetition

Birdlingo emphasizes learning through repetition. With multiple games for each habitat and varied recordings of the same song, it reinforces your memory and recognition skills through repeated practice.

Thoughtful Design

It’s more than a simple quiz. Each challenge is crafted to pair birds with similar calls, striking the perfect balance of difficulty. Our help buttons act as clever guides, providing hints that lead you to the answer through your own discovery, without giving it away.

Fun and Addictive Gameplay

Birdlingo’s charming visuals make the game both fun and relaxing while the engaging gameplay ensures that you learn without even realizing it.

Personalized Learning Experience

Your learning journey is in your hands. Whether you prefer an in-depth dive or a lighter touch, the game allows you to tailor your experience. All habitats and levels are endlessly replayable, enabling you to set your own pace. Our bird library is available for those seeking more knowledge, but it’s always optional. When you’re ready for the ultimate challenge, the final stage lets you choose the difficulty you want to tackle.

Free and accessible to all.

Available in English and French

For laptops, tablets and smartphones

About Us

As an elearning designer and developer, Jessica Liebing ventured into the realm of game development with BirdLingo, her humble attempt at combining her passion for education with her love for birding. 

The game features birds she’s encountered in her village of Penvénan, Brittany, France.

She was joined in this adventure by her wife Caitlin Huxley, whose programming talent brought the game to life.

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