Explore the world of bird songs with BirdLingo, an elearning game designed for honing your bird song recognition skills. Your objective is simple: build your virtual nature reserve by listening, recognizing, and attracting birds with distinctive songs.

BirdLingo is free and accessible to all.

Available in English and French

For laptops, tablets and smartphones


About me

Greetings! I’m Jessica Liebing from Brittany, France. As an elearning designer and developer, I’ve ventured into the realm of game development with BirdLingo, my humble attempt at combining my passion for education with my love for birding. This project is a personal journey as an amateur birder, and BirdLingo serves as my inaugural step into the world of game creation.

Let's connect!

Whether you’re interested in learning bird song recognition, elearning games creation, or intrigued by the prospect of future birding walks, I’d love to connect with like-minded individuals.